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Expert Guidance to reach your goals.

A trainer you can trust. I have worked with some of the top athletes in the world, and now I'm offering you the same experience.

Since opening my first gym, I have helped many people get into better shape, lose the aches and pains you thought were part of the aging process, and realize you could find the energy you need to make the most of your busy, productive life.
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The Most Productive 30 Minutes of your Day

HalfHourPower is more than a name; It's a description of a program that took me years to develop, a program that makes the most of your busy schedule. What's more, your body will feel the effects of the workout for hours afterward, as you'll have more energy to take part in everything else you have to do during the day.

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Everything you Need to Get Fit


Full body results. And not a second of your time wasted.

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Setting Up Your HalfHourPower Gym

Once you have your HalfHourPower power bands, setting up your home gym is as easy as opening a door.

Give yourself a workout that really works.
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Real People. Real Results.

From busy professionals to busy stay at home mom and dads to busy college students to elite athletes, hundreds of people just like you have discovered relief, strength, and renewed energy that HalfHourPower brings.

After doing the routine, my entire back, from my shoulders to my hamstrings, feels strong, stretched, and flexible. It’s amazing each time I do it, and the effects keep adding up.


HalfHourPower workouts have been the only program that has allowed me to enjoy the sports I love. I only wish I knew of this program 15 years ago.


Frequent business travel prevented me from getting into a good workout routine. But now, I can take my workouts anywhere.


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I discovered HalfHourPower when I began to feel a lot of daily soreness and aches in my back muscles. These routines have improved my fitness and makes me feel great all day.


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Watch our videos in our app on your mobile phone

It's About Time

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